Dog fur Grooming Groom Glove Brush for Massaging & Combing

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Dog & Cat Brush Glove For Long & Short Hair Anti-Shedding Pet Grooming 

[Name]:dog massage glove
[Material]: 3D gridding fabric+TPR+electrostatic precipitation fabric                   
[Size]: 26*16cm   ( 1 inch=2.54 cm   1cm=0.3937 inch )               

Remove and trap loose pet hair so that no fur goes flying. Extra gentle for daily grooming.

Stop chasing your pet! Wear this grooming glove and they'll come to you for a message session they'll love.

With extra soft TPR massage pins, your lovely dog just feels the massage is so comfortable.The other side is made of  anti-electrostatic & dust-absorbing  cloth which helps to clean your dog as well as enjoying a great massage.

Perfect for all coat types, short, medium, and long. Before, during, and after bath.

Adjustable velcro strap makes this grooming mitt fit all hands.

Stop Shedding In Its Tracks!
- Are you tired of finding pet hair all over your furniture, food, and clothes?
- Do you have trouble getting your dog or cat to hold still for brushing? 
- Have you spent more time on removing hair from your clothes than you have preventing shedding in the first place?

Introducing the Better Petter dog and cat brush glove
The Better Petter is engineered safely to gently remove your pet's loose dead hair. No more chasing your cat, or wrestling your dog; Your pet will come to you! Best of all-- you don't have to put up with shedding any more!

Benefits & Features
- Remove dull dead hair from your pet's under coat, revealing a healthy, shiny outer coat. 
- Stop shedding by removing excess hair.
- No more chasing your pet with a brush-- they come to you!
- Traps excess hair in mitt.
- Cleans and softens coat.
- Removes mats and tangles. 
- Gentle rubber massages and stimulates circulation. 
- Works well wet and dry. 
- Easy to clean. 
- Adjustable velcro fits all hands.
- Made of 100% recyclable material.

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